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Know you product

As your trusted partner, firmglobalnetwork is committed to helping you fulfill the know-your-product (KYP) obligations contained in the latest client-focused reforms (CFRs). CFRs are based on the fundamental concept that clients’ interests come first in their dealings with firms and individuals that are registered to give investment advice and trade in securities. That’s why we’ve created an easy-to-use resource to deliver access to the relevant KYP information you need.

Access the links below for essential KYP information. We’ll continue to fine-tune the information and resources available.

If you’re having trouble finding specific fund information, please contact your Our support.

Regulatory documents

Simplified prospectus/Annual information form

The Simplified Prospectus contains details on investment objectives, strategies, performance, distribution policy, fees, and fund management.

The Annual Information Form supplements that information by covering topics such as investment restrictions, operations, fund governance, as well as other information.

Fund Facts / ETF Facts

Fund Facts documents highlight key information for investors about a mutual fund or ETF, including its performance history, investments, risk rating, and costs associated with owning it.

Interim and Annual Reports

Mutual funds and ETFs are required to file annual and interim (half-yearly) financial statements that are comprised of a statement of net assets that is supported by a statement of portfolio investments, a statement of operations, a statement of changes in net assets, and any related notes.

Quarterly Portfolio Disclosures

Issued twice per year, Quarterly Portfolio Disclosures provide a detailed summary of the investment holdings that a mutual fund or ETF holds.

Management Reports of Fund Performance

MRFPs include a narrative analysis of the fund’s financial statements and disclosures of transactions with related parties, including a wealth of statistical data.