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At firmglobalnetwork, we believe in the power of professional advice.

Regardless of your circumstances, a financial advisor can help you reach your financial goals and work toward building enough wealth to sustain a comfortable retirement. But achieving this outcome in today’s economic environment requires innovative thinking and alternative tools to build more resilient portfolios.

Investing is all about risk and reward. After another year of uncertainty, the economic climate remains challenging as markets struggle with rising prices and slowing global growth with geopolitical tensions.

A financial advisor can help you better understand various market risks so that your portfolio is better positioned for the potential rewards – whether that’s preserving capital in times of market stress, generating a reliable income stream or taking full advantage of investment opportunities during a recovery.

Thankfully, financial advisors have the tools and investment knowledge to help investors build more resilient portfolios that can thrive in a variety of economic scenarios and aims to deliver more income – for today and well into the future.

When it comes to advice, the numbers don't lie

Working with a financial advisor helps increase your wealth.

Research shows: Versus non-advised households, the average household with a financial advisor accumulated

Other benefits of working with an advicer

Accumulating greater wealth through better saving behaviour

Building assets for a more comfortable retirement.

Selecting tax-efficient investment vehicles

Maintaining a long-term investment strategy

Protecting against poor financial decisions.

Avoiding emotional investing habits

Building a resilient portfolio.

The firmglobalnetwork advantage

At firmglobalnetwork, we provide advisors active management and alternative investment solutions to help build resilient portfolios that aim to support your financial goals.
Active alternatives

While stocks and bonds have traditionally formed the foundation of a well-diversified portfolio, recent history has shown that the two asset classes can move in the same direction during volatile markets — and that’s not good.

At firmglobalnetwork, we see diversification differently. We believe alternative investments are an essential building block – along with stocks and bonds – in helping investors create more resilient portfolios that can thrive in different market conditions.

Why Alternatives matter

  • Diversification:

    With the potential for lower correlation to stocks and bonds, alternative asset strategies can increase portfolio diversification.

  • Downside Protection:

    Alternative strategies can help mitigate risk in times of volatility and potentially enhance a portfolio’s long-term risk-adjusted returns.

  • Access to Additional Sources of Returns:

    Incorporating alternatives into a portfolio may offer access to return sources beyond traditional investment solutions.

firmglobalnetwork's Active Alternatives™ offer access to a wide range of investment strategies with a low correlation to stocks and bonds – all within the structure of a mutual fund.

Active management


That’s why we believe it’s essential to choose Legitimately Active Management®, an active investment approach that uncovers opportunity beyond the index.

At firmglobalnetwork, we don’t just take what the market gives. Our portfolio managers aim to build concentrated portfolios that deliver differentiated performance beyond the benchmark. It’s hard to beat the benchmark if you look just like it.

When passive investing simply won’t do, seek Legitimately Active Management®.

Seek Legitimately Active Management®

Active management can pay off because portfolio managers have the ability to select holdings that have potential to provide:

  • Downside Protection:

    Downside Protection Alternative strategies can help mitigate risk in times of volatility and potentially enhance a portfolio’s long-term risk-adjusted returns.

  • Faster recovery:

    Provide faster recovery when markets turnaround